INTRODUCTION TO THE REV ION SYSTEM: Competitive Robotics Made Simple

REV ION includes 300+ new and existing products that work within the existing FRC ecosystem, while introducing new features and functionality not currently available to teams. REV ION will raise the bar for all teams who participate in FRC.

Tackling the challenges of the FIRST Robotics Competition requires rapid iteration, numerous revisions, and adaptation to the game challenges. Recognizing that not all teams have access to the same equipment or resources, we created REV ION to enable and empower all teams to be competitive.

REV ION is a system of mechanical and electrical products that are perfectly compatible with each other, allowing for complex robot designs without large budgets or extensive manufacturing resources. With basic tools, teams can build affordable, competitive machines, while preserving the ability to infinitely re-configure and iterate on their designs.

View our REV ION Introduction Video for more details on the new ION Build System! Don't forget to visit our Technical Resources page for documentation and extensive guides, like our FRC Robot Basics Guidebook.

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