2 Motor Gearbox - Through Bore

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The 2 Motor Gearbox - Through Bore is compatible with the REV ION System. This two motor into one output gearbox allows the user to adjust the gear ratio by changing pinion and cluster gear (12:60, 18:54, 24:48, or 36:36). The output shaft is 1/2in Hex through bore, and output gears have a MAXSpline bore. The motor plate contains 2 Pairs of 2in pitch #10-32 tapped holes for mounting the REV Through Bore Encoder, and the output plate contains an array of holes for mounting to structure, as well as mounting as an input to the MAXPlanetary. The 5:1 Ratio (60:12) can be micro adjusted slightly larger by swapping the 12T pinion with 11T or 10T.


  • Material: AL 6061 Plates with steel gears
  • Weights:
    • 1:1 Ratio: 1.05 lbs
    • 2:1 Ratio: 1.07 lbs
    • 3:1 Ratio: 1.02 lbs
    • 5:1 Ratio: 1.03 lbs
    • 6:1 Ratio: 1.03 lbs

Kit Contents

Base Kit (REV-21-2099):

   2 Motor Gearbox Hardware Pack   QTY 1 
   2 Motor Gearbox Motor Plate   QTY 1 
   2 Motor Gearbox Bearing Plate   QTY 1 
   2 Motor Gearbox Spacer Pack   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2079   1/2in Hex Through Bore Shaft   QTY 1 
 REV-21-1879   8mm to 1/2in Hex Adapter   QTY 2 
   Bearing, 30mm ID, 42mm OD, 7mm Thick, Shielded, Flanged   QTY 2 


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