Tech Resources

We are excited to announce the launch of our new REV Robotics Documentation site: The pages may look a bit different, but they contain tons of new information to help you build great robots. You can check out the new documentation by going to, or by clicking the tiles below to go directly to a specific section.

Please keep checking back as we add new information and convert legacy documentation throughout the season!





FIRST Robotics Competition

SPARK MAX Quick Start Guide SPARK MAX User's Manual SPARK MAX Software Resources
SPARK MAX Troubleshooting Guide NEO Brushless Motor NEO 550 Brushless Motor
Linear Motion Guide CAD Video Resources



FIRST Tech Challenge

Gear Guide system.png Sprocket Guide
Bearing Guide Motor Guide UltraPlanetary System Users Manual
Control Hub Guide Expansion Hub Guide Encoder Guide
FTC Starter Kit Guide Compatibility Guide Linear Motion Guide
Channel Drivetrain Guide Gear Drivetrain Guide Chain Drivetrain Guide
Kickoff Concepts CAD Video Resources
Software Resources