REV USB PS4 Compatible Gamepad


The REV USB PS4 Compatible Gamepad is compatible with both the REV DUO and REV ION Systems.

Plug the REV Gamepad directly into a Driver Hub to enable feature rich control of your robot. Additionally, when plugged into a PC, it offers an Xbox compatibility mode. This mode may alter some functionality.

The REV USB PS4 Compatible Gamepad has two remappable M-buttons on the back side of the controller. Simply press and hold the M button you are wanting to remap then press the programming button in the center-back. The indicator LED color will change to orange and you can now press the button or buttons of your choice to set the M key to. The indicator LED will return to its color before remapping.

REV USB PS4 Compatible Gamepad - Button Layout


  • USB type-A connection
  • Multi-touch, clickable touch pad
  • Two remappable buttons on back of controller
  • Enhanced rumble/vibration
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • RGB Color LED for programmable indication


  • Interface: USB
  • Cable length: 700mm (27.5in)