SPARK Flex Data Port Breakout Cable


The SPARK Flex Data Port Breakout Cable breaks out the default pin functions of the SPARK Flex Data Port into commonly used connectors for external sensors.

The keyed and locking Data Port connector ensures a secure and aligned fit when plugged into the SPARK Flex Motor Controller. Its JST-PH 6-pin connector is designed to plug directly into the REV Through Bore Encoder, connecting both the quadrature and absolute encoder outputs to the appropriate SPARK Flex Data Port pins. Additional inputs, like Limit Switch and Analog inputs, are broken out to shrouded, 1 x 3 pinned, 0.1in pitch, PWM-style connectors that provide both power and ground in addition to the input signal.

Each wire is uniquely color coded for ease of identification:

SPARK Flex Breakout Cable Pinout


  • Length: 300mm (11.8in)