REV DUO  Introducing our all-new curriculum: Intro to Robotics I

Kick off your student's journey into robotics education with our all-new curriculum: Intro to Robotics I. Complete our Curriculum Response Form and get a complimentary coupon code to enjoy this product for FREE – our gift to you, courtesy of REV Robotics!

This curriculum establishes the basics of robotics terminology and lab safety, followed by introductions to mechanical design, electronics, and programming for autonomous robotics. Educators and students of all experience levels, from novices to experts, will benefit from this easy-to-use introduction to robotics course designed by leading experts in STEM education.

Intro to Robotics I is an easily adaptable and ready-to-teach course for the classroom, after-school programs, or summer camps! It is designed to align with national standards including ISTE, ITEEA, CSTA, and NGSS, as well as TEKS, the Texas state standard. The Intro to Robotics I course is intended for use in high school classrooms by 9th-12th grade students (and adaptable for grades 6th-8th), and we are planning to expand alignments and curriculum in the years to come, but can be used in younger grades as well!


Intro to Robotics I was designed for use with the following REV DUO equipment:

The curriculum can also be used with a combination of the following:

DUO EDU Mechanical Kit


Course Highlights

  • 35+ hours worth of lessons featuring hands-on activities and challenges
  • Support for teachers includes lesson plans, grading rubrics, professional development, and more
  • Gamification of content and pre-made study guides for boosting engagement
  • Engineering Notebook templates, Equipment Resource Guides, and CAD files
  • Customizable for student or teacher/educator training and learning


The Intro to Robots I curriculum is aligned with national education standards, including:

  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)


Built for Extracurricular Success

The content within Intro To Robotics I can be adapted for any learning environment, including:

  • Single or multi-day workshops and camps
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Academic transition to advanced robotics systems from K-8 robotics
  • Educational support for coaches and mentors of FIRST Tech Challenge teams

Intro to Robots I


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop essential skills for workforce readiness such as critical thinking, problem solving, and improved reasoning
  • Obtain foundational knowledge required for advanced robotics courses and participation in the FIRST Tech Challenge or other educational robotics competitions
  • Improve behavioral, social, scientific, cognitive, and intellectual attitudes
  • Integrate robotics into mathematics and science coursework
  • Apply the Engineering Design Process to build and design solutions for real-world problems regardless of industry or challenge

Ready to dive into the world of FIRST Robotics?

The Intro to Robotics I curriculum is also great for student team members and adult team mentors preparing for robotics competitions organized by FIRST, such as the FIRST Tech Challenge. Activities within each section of the curriculum are derived from a traditional FIRST Tech Challenge game structure and scoring system. After completing the Intro to Robotics I curriculum, your team can purchase the EDU Kit V2 to Starter Kit V3 Upgrade (REV-45-2042). This upgrade bundle bridges the gap between the DUO EDU Mechanical Kit (REV-45-2708) + DUO Control Bundle (REV-35-2709) combination and the FTC Starter Kit V3 (REV-45-1883), providing the needed equipment to transition from classroom to competing at FIRST Tech Challenge events.

Complete our Curriculum Response Form and get a complimentary coupon code to enjoy Intro to Robotics I for FREE – our gift to you, courtesy of REV Robotics!