ION Compliant Wheels


ION Compliant Wheels are compatible with the REV ION System and come in a wide range of sizes, durometers, and bores. Larger wheels contain the MAXSpline bore, but can be adapted to other bores with a separate MAXHub. The radial spoke profile allows for more consistent compliance, and more compression than other compliant wheels.


  • Compliant Wheels - 2in - 1/2in Hex
    • Durometer: Varies (see table below)
    • Width: 0.50in
    • Weight: 0.64oz (18.1g)
    • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon & TPR
  • Compliant Wheels - 3in - MAXSpline
    • Durometer: 45A - Medium
    • Width: 1.00in
    • Weight:  84g (0.19lbs)
    • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon & TPR
  • Compliant Wheel - 4in - MAXSpline
    • Durometer: 45A - Medium
    • Width: 1.00in
    • Weight: 128g (0.28lbs)
    • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon & TPR
 Hard like a tire tread  Black  60A
 Medium like a pencil eraser  Gray  45A
 Soft like a rubber band  Light Gray  30A

Product Options

 REV-21-2029   Compliant Wheel - 2in - 1/2in Hex - Soft 
 REV-21-2030   Compliant Wheel - 2in - 1/2in Hex - Medium 
 REV-21-2031    Compliant Wheel - 2in - 1/2in Hex - Hard 
 REV-21-2456   Compliant Wheel - 3in - MAXSpline - Medium 
 REV-21-2457   Compliant Wheel - 4in - MAXSpline - Medium