MAXPlanetary 9:1 Cartridge


An individual cartridge for the MAXPlanetary System. This cartridge is a 9:1 gear reduction.

With a 9:1 reduction in a single stage cartridge you will save significant space and weight in your builds that demand the higher reduction!

The MAXPlanetary System is a cartridge-based modular planetary gearbox designed from the ground up for NEO-class motors. The design of the MAXPlanetary has been carefully optimized to provide torque density unavailable in FRC up until now.

The MAXPlanetary is intended for use with the NEO Vortex, NEO, Falcon 500, Kraken X60, and CIM motors. It also supports NEO 550 and 775 size motors (775pro or AM Redline). Building on the ability to iterate and adjust designs easily, the MAXPlanetary System consists of lubricated cartridges allowing for swapping gear ratios on the fly and with ease. Users can configure a single-stage planetary using one of three different reduction cartridges or build multi-stage gearboxes through stacking individual cartridges together. The user can use the included 1/2in hex shaft or use a custom length of hex shaft best suited for the application. The gearbox also provides two mounting options, face mount and side mount, for ultimate flexibility in your robot design.

It is important to note that two 3:1 cartridges will have a much higher static load rating than a single 9:1:

  • 3:1 Cartridge - Tested to 290Nm [2567in*lbs] (no failure)
  • 9:1 Cartridge - Fails at 180Nm [1593in*lbs]

Due to its static load rating it is recommended to use the 9:1 as the first stage, or closest to the input as possible, to minimize the torque applied to the cartridge.


  • Materials: 4140 Steel, Aluminum
  • Exact Gear Ratio: 9:1
  • Module: 0.65
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • 9:1 Cartridge - Fails at 180Nm [1593in*lbs]
  • Weight: 122g (0.27lbs)

Allowed Stage Configurations

The following chart shows which gear cartridge configurations are allowable with different motors. Cells shown in GREEN are allowed, the cells shown in YELLOW will function but are not recommended, and cells shown in RED are not allowed.

These ratings are based on the default current limit on the SPARK MAX (or Talon FX). Increasing the current limit increases the maximum torque the motor can produce and may put components of the gearbox outside of their load rating.

Allowed Stage Configurations

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