Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational robotics, where innovation drives progress, protecting one's intellectual property (IP) is not just a matter of business strategy; it's a fundamental necessity. At REV Robotics, we take IP protection seriously. Our commitment to safeguarding our innovations serves a dual purpose. First, we choose to protect our IP to secure and recognize our own ideas and labor. IP Protection also benefits the educational robotics community at large by offering them the opportunity to iterate on their designs using our products, thus driving innovation further. From time-to-time we may update terms, licenses, or conditions so please keep an eye on our website.  Let's delve into the specifics of how we protect our intellectual property here at REV.   (last updated 11/30/2023)

IP Protection

  • Patents: We believe in safeguarding our technological innovations through the patent system. Patents protect our mechanical, electrical, and software inventions from being copied or used without permission. Additionally, they can protect the ornamental designs of our products and allow us to develop unique looks for our products that make them distinctive.  We actively seek and maintain patents for our innovations to maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Trademarks: Our brand is integral to our identity. We protect our trademarks to ensure that our customers can trust the quality and origin of our products.  When you get a product bearing one of our trademarks, you know it is a quality product. Without this brand protection, we lose our ability to perform control quality.   
  • Copyrights:  Our code, software, manuals, websites, other written materials, and images are protected by copyright.  This ensures that no one uses our written materials or images to sell other products without our permission. 
  • Trade Secrets: We recognize that certain aspects of our business, such as our proprietary manufacturing processes or confidential software, are valuable trade secrets. We take measures to safeguard these secrets from unauthorized access and disclosure.

To learn more about IP protection, we recommend reading the information published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Access to IP

When you purchase products from REV Robotics®, you are granted a limited license to use that product.  While these limited licenses allow our customers to use our products, they do not necessarily allow for our products to be utilized to make other systems, devices, or items, or other non-commercial purposes.  Accordingly, we are now incorporating these additional terms into our limited licenses. 

  • Non-Commercial Use: We believe in fostering innovation and sharing knowledge. Therefore, individuals, schools, and education related programs, have permission to use our protected IP for non-commercial purposes. This means you are free to use our IP for personal projects, educational purposes, or non-commercial research without any additional licensing fees or royalties other than those included in your purchase price. Including modifications, design changes, or other non-commercial activities that may be necessary for personal or educational purposes. Please follow the guidelines as outlined by the license terms of Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • Commercial Use: For commercial entities seeking to use our IP, we offer a licensing program. This program allows for the legitimate use of our IP in commercial products or services, subject to agreed-upon licensing terms and royalties. This approach ensures that we can recoup the expenses associated with our innovation while supporting other businesses in their endeavors. Please fill out the REV Robotics Intellectual Property (IP) Application if you would like to discuss licensing REV Robotics IP.


We are committed to enforcing our IP rights to prevent unauthorized use and protect our innovations. It is our hope to always come to an amicable agreement through licensing with anyone wishing to use our IP.  We recognize that this is not always possible and we may need to take legal action against individuals or entities found in violation of our IP rights that are unwilling to license the IP.  


We expect all users of our IP to comply with applicable laws and regulations related to intellectual property. Users must respect the terms of our licensing agreements and adhere to ethical standards.

Questions and Inquiries: For questions, inquiries, or requests related to our IP, please contact