3in MAXSwerve Wheel V2.0 - Plastic

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

Experience a significantly longer lifespan with the 3in MAXSwerve Plastic Wheel V2.0, designed for the 3in MAXSwerve Module. Now crafted from Glass-Filled Nylon/PP & TPR, it boasts a more rigid rubber tread for increased durability without sacrificing traction. While these wheels are still considered consumable items like any robot wheel, they are engineered to outlast previous versions.

3in MAXSwerve Plastic Wheel V2.0 wheel features black core and tread with star imprints to differentiate between versions.

 3in MAXSwerve Wheel V2.0 - Plastic   Black Core and Tread with Star Imprints   90A   Glass-Filled Nylon/PP & TPR 
 3in MAXSwerve Wheel V1.1 - Plastic   Gray Core with Black Tread   90A   Glass-Filled Nylon/PA & TPR 
 3in MAXSwerve Wheel V1.0 - Plastic   Black Core with Black Tread   60A   Glass-Filled Nylon/PA & TPR 


  • Durometer: 90A
  • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon/PP & TPR
  • Weight: 79g (0.17lbs)


  • Keep in mind that the molded wheels are consumable items. Their lifespan depends on a variety of factors such as driving style, robot weight, and defense against your robot. When preparing for your event, regularly check your wheels before matches and have spare wheels on hand for any situation that may arise.


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