SPARK Flex Motor Controller

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The SPARK Flex is a new smart motor controller that is compatible with the REV ION System. Its dockable form factor allows for the direct mounting onto a NEO Vortex, simplifying wiring while maintaining flexibility. Improving upon the foundation of the SPARK MAX Motor Controller, new features include 3-phase current sensing, reverse polarity protection, and an expanded Data Port with additional interfaces. When docked to an adapter, the SPARK Flex can control any existing NEO or compatible brushless/brushed DC motor.

Add a SPARK Flex Data Port Breakout Cable or SPARK Flex Data Port Pigtail Cable to unlock the full potential of the SPARK Flex with the ability to add a REV Through Bore Encoder, quadrature and absolute encoders, limit switches and even utilize analog inputs!


  • Docking interface for motor phases and sensors 
  • USB type C configuration and control
  • PWM and CAN communication
  • Fully integrated power and control wires
  • Enhanced data port with more power, latching connector, and additional serial interfaces
  • Advanced motor control modes
    • Velocity
    • Position
    • Current
    • New modes with future firmware updates
  • 3 phase current shunt measurement
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Software
    • Configure and update through REV Hardware Client
    • Updates and new features are free forever, without subscriptions or licenses


  • Input Voltage (Nominal): 12 V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6 V - 24 V
  • Absolute Maximum Voltage: 30 V
  • 60 A Continuous Current Time: 3 min
  • Peak Current (2 second surge): 100 A
  • Through Bore Diameter: 16.5mm (0.649in)
  • Mounting Footprint Narrow Side Width: 2in
  • Mounting Footprint Rounded Side Diameter: 60mm
  • Mounting Holes: #10-32 on 2in bolt circle
  • Mounting Hole Maximum Depth: 0.25in
  • Body Length (Not Docked): 28.2mm
  • Docking Hardware (Included): M3 SHCS x 25mm
  • Power Wires
    • Length: 450mm (17.72in)
    • 12AWG
  • Control Wires
    • Length: 450mm (17.72in)
    • 26AWG
  • Weight (w/ wires): 142g (0.31lbs)
  • Notes
    • 6 V minimum for 5 V dataport output. 4.5 V minimum before full brownout

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