Power Distribution Hub

Maximum Purchase:
10 units

Due to global supply chain shortages, only a limited supply of Power Distribution Hubs could be produced for the 2021-2022 season, offered for purchase as both a pre-order bundle and individual product. We wanted to allow teams to use these devices this year prior to the wider roll out next season (2022-2023). As we experience continued extended lead times for components used in our products and significant delays in shipping/receiving our completed products, the Power Distribution Hub has sold out for the remainder of the 2021-2022 season. There will be no restocks until after the season has ended, sometime in summer/fall 2022. As noted in FIRST rules, the CTRE devices teams have used in previous seasons are still legal for the 2022 season and we are shifting our focus to producing plenty of Power Distribution Hubs for the 2022-2023 season and beyond.

The REV Power Distribution Hub (PDH) is the latest evolution in power distribution for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).  With 20 high-current (40A max) channels, 3 low-current (15A max), and 1 switchable low-current channel, the PDH gives teams more flexibility for overall power delivery. The Power Distribution Hub features toolless latching WAGO terminals, an LED voltage display, and the ability to connect over CAN or USB-C to the REV Hardware Client for real-time telemetry, making it easier than ever to wire and debug your robot. 


  • 20 High-current channels
    • All supporting up to 40A
    • Supports ATO size breakers and fuses
  • 3 Low-current channels
    • Supports up to 15A continuous, 20A peak
    • Supports ATM size fuses
  • 1 Switchable low-current channel
    • On/off control useful for LEDs and other indicators
    • Supports ATM size fuses
  • Toolless and color-coded WAGO terminals for all main connections
    • Main power input - latching WAGO 2616 series
    • High-current channels - latching WAGO 2606 series
    • Low-current channels and CAN - push button WAGO 250 series
  • Advanced debugging features
    • Channel status LEDs for breaker status and fault feedback
    • LED input voltage display
    • Higher resolution and refresh rate current and voltage monitoring
  • CAN connectivity
    • Channel telemetry feedback to main robot controller
    • Configurable CAN termination on device
  • USB-C connectivity
    • USB-to-CAN device allowing for monitoring and updating devices on the CAN bus
    • Update and diagnose faults with the REV Hardware Client
  • ESD protection


  • Input Voltage: 4.75V - 18V 
  • Mounting Holes: #10 Clearance (0.197"/5mm) on 0.5" pitch 
  • Physical Specifications:
    • Length: 8.875"
    • Width: 4.375"
    • Height: 1.563"
    • Weight: 517g (1.14lbs)

Kit Contents

  REV-11-1850   Power Distribution Hub   QTY 1
  REV-11-1232   USB Cable   QTY 1
  REV-19-2801   10A ATM Fuse   QTY 2
  REV-19-2802   15A ATM Fuse   QTY 4


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