MAXSpline Shaft Endcaps


MAXSpline Shaft Endcaps are compatible with the REV ION System and transform your MAXSpline Shaft extrusion into a live axle driven by a 1/2in Hex shaft. MAXSpline Shaft Endcaps come in two different materials: a durable plastic version and an upgraded aluminum version. The aluminum endcaps were developed for teams seeking robust solutions for higher-torque applications. 

*Please note, these endcaps are for use with the MAXSpline Shaft and are not MAXHubs. 


  • MAXSpline Shaft Endcap - Plastic
    • Weight: 8g (0.02lb)
    • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
    • Bore: 1/2in Hex
  • MAXSpline Shaft Endcap - Aluminum
    • Weight: 20g (0.04lb)
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Black Anodized
    • Bore: 1/2in Hex


Product Options

 REV-21-2393-PK2   MAXSpline Shaft Endcap - 1/2in Hex - Plastic - 2 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING
 REV-21-2589-PK2   MAXSpline Shaft Endcap - 1/2in Hex - Aluminum - 2 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING