Linear Actuator - 12in Stroke


The Linear Actuator - 12in Stroke is compatible with the REV ION System. This electric linear actuator aligns seamlessly with FRC-legal motors and gearboxes while adhering to FRC hardware and mounting standards.

Designed for adaptability, this actuator accommodates both gearbox and 1:1 motor configurations, catering to varying force requirements dictated by different applications. Its versatility extends to climbing tasks, driving arms, actuating intakes, and deploying other diverse mechanisms.

The actuator can be rigidly affixed with a motor or gearbox attached to the input face. Alternatively, the MAX 180 Degree Gearbox can be mounted to the output and coupled with a piece of rounded UltraHex screwed into the input socket, presenting a more traditional electric linear actuator package. This arrangement situates the motor beside the actuator, allowing access to a rear mounting interface through the back of the MAX 180 Degree Gearbox.


  • High load (backdrivable) lead screw allows for quick but powerful movements
  • Socket hex input allows connection to many FRC Legal REV motors and output assemblies
  • Magnet inserts on internal lead nut allow for sensor end stops
  • #10 nut pockets in body for easily mounting to REV brackets and other structure elements


  • Outer Body Width Size: 2in x 2in
  • Inner Body Width Size: 1in x 1in
  • Minimum Retracted Length: 16in (1x1 cut to the shortest possible length)
  • Minimum Extended Length: Minimum Retracted Length + Stroke Length (i.e. 16in + 12in = 28in)
  • Material: Aluminum extrusion body with stainless steel input hex
  • Finish: Black Anodized (outer body)
  • 12mm of linear travel per revolution of input
  • Dynamic Load Rating: Minimum 150lbs
  • Screw Specifications
    • Thread Type: Metric Rounded ACME
    • Diameter: 10mm
    • Pitch: 2mm
    • Pitch Diameter: 9.33mm (0.367in)
    • Starts: 6
    • Lead: 12mm

Kit Contents

 REV-21-2726   Linear Actuator Body Tube, for 12in Stroke   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2729   Linear Actuator Lead Screw Assembly, for 12in Stroke   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-25-2747   Linear Actuator Base Kit   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-25-2746   Linear Actuator Hardware Kit   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2160   MAXTube - 1x1 - 47in Long   QTY 1   QTY 1 


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