Hands-on STEM Projects in the Classroom

With over 180 parts, the REV EDU Kit includes everything needed to build the REV Class Bot and more. The EDU Kit can be used to teach a variety of lessons ranging from computer programming to engineering principles.

Kick off your student's journey into robotics education with our all-new curriculum, Intro to Robotics I. This curriculum establishes the basics of robotics terminology and lab safety, followed by introductions to mechanical design, electronics, and programming for autonomous robotics. Intro to Robotics I is an easily adaptable and ready-to-teach course for the classroom, after-school programs, or summer camps! It is designed to align with national standards including ISTE, ITEEA, CSTA, and NGSS, as well as TEKS, the Texas state standard. The Intro to Robotics I course is intended for use in high school classrooms by 9th-12th grade students (and adaptable for grades 6th-8th).

Intro to Robotics I is a complimentary curriculum courtesy of REV Robotics. Visit our Curriculum page for more information or sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed about new updates.

Mechanical Foundations with REV DUO

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy presents Mechanical Foundations with REV DUO, curriculum courses on the CS-STEM Network. Mechanical Foundations provides participants with knowledge and hands-on experiences with a variety of tools and hardware components. By understanding the foundational mechanical principles that underpin robotics, participants develop the ability to design, construct, and maintain these systems with increased confidence and efficacy. The course covers topics such as structure, power transmission, motion, and mechanisms using hands-on activities with REV DUO kits.

For more information aboout Mechanical Foundations curriculum courses, visit the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy website. 

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