Radio Power Module

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The REV Radio Power Module is designed to keep one of the most critical system components, the OpenMesh OM5P-AC WiFi radio, powered in the toughest moments of the competition. Traditional barrel jacks easily work themselves loose and often require hacks like hot glue to prevent intermittent power losses. The Radio Power Module eliminates the need for powering the radio through a traditional barrel power jack. Utilizing 18V Passive POE with two socketed RJ45 connectors, the Radio Power Module passes signal between the radio and roboRIO while providing power directly to the radio. After connecting the radio and roboRIO, easily add power to the Radio Power Module by wiring it to the low-current channels on the Power Distribution Hub utilizing the color coded push button WAGO terminals.

New features were added to the Radio Power Module for the 2024 FRC season, including:

  • "WAGO 250 series push button terminals for power" were updated to "WAGO 2601 series latching terminal for power"

NOTES: As of 01/04/2024, orders will ship with the new version of the Radio Power Module.


  • Easy to wire
    • WAGO 2601 series latching terminal for power
    • Two socketed RJ45 connectors accepting standard ethernet cables
  • Designed for use with the OpenMesh OM5P-AC
    • Compatible with other devices that accept 18V passive POE


  • Input Voltage: 4.75V - 18V
  • Output Voltage: 18V
  • Maximum Output Current: 1A
  • Mounting Holes: #10 Clearance (0.197"/5mm) on 0.5in pitch 
  • Physical Specifications:
    • Length: 3.375in
    • Width: 1.250in
    • Height: 0.875in
    • Weight: 41g (0.09lbs)


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