Ratio Plates


Ratio Plates are compatible with the REV ION System. When you need a ratio other than 1:1, Ratio Plates make it easy to position sprockets and pulleys at the perfect center-to-center distance for the given ratio and length of #25 chain or RT25 belt. Each ratio plate is designed for the indicated sprocket or pulley combination and a loop of chain or belt that is the indicated length. For example, 56PL equates to a 56 link loop of #25 chain or a 56 tooth RT25 belt.


  • Material: Aluminum 5052
  • Weight: 37g (0.08lbs)


Product Options

 REV-21-2567-PK2   Ratio Plate - 2:1 - 2 Pack   
 REV-21-2574-PK2   Ratio Plate - 3:1 - 2 Pack   
 REV-21-2575-PK2   Ratio Plate - 4:1 - 2 Pack