FTC Sensor Bundle

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The FTC Sensor Bundle offers an assortment of REV Sensors and sensor accessories to help your robot understand the world around it. Use this bundle to restock your existing sensor supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

*Bundles shipped prior to October 2021 contained 1 Potentiometer in place of the Digital LED indicators.

Kit Contents

  REV-31-1505  2m Distance Sensor  QTY 2
  REV-31-1557  Color Sensor V3  QTY 2
  REV-31-1425  Touch Sensor  QTY 2
  REV-31-1388  JST PH 4-pin Joiner Board - 4 Pack  QTY 1
  REV-31-1409  JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable, 100cm - 4 Pack  QTY 1
  REV-31-1462  Magnetic Limit Switch  QTY 2
  REV-31-2010  Digital LED Indicator - Red/Green - 4 Pack  QTY 1


CAD & Drawings

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