FTC Bearing Bundle

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The FTC Bearing Bundle offers a plethora of motion support components for the 15mm Build System. The basics of motion support can be found on the Supporting Motion documentation page. Use this bundle to restock your existing bearing supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

Kit Contents

 QTY 1  15mm Plastic Motion Bracket - 8 Pack   REV-41-1303 
 QTY 1   15mm Plastic Rod End Bracket - 8 Pack   REV-41-1304 
 QTY 1   15mm Hex Pillow Block - 4 Pack   REV-41-1316 
 QTY 2   15mm Bearing Pillow Block - 8 Pack   REV-41-1317 
 QTY 2   End Cap Bearing - 8 Pack   REV-41-1322 
 QTY 2   Through Bore Bearing - Short - 12 Pack 
 QTY 2   Through Bore Bearing - Long - 12 Pack 
 QTY 1   Small Pulley Bearings - 10 Pack   REV-41-1368 
 QTY 2   15mm Metal 12mm Ball Bearing Mount V2 - 4 Pack   REV-41-1452 
 QTY 1   5mm Hex to 8mm Round Bearing Insert - 20 Pack   REV-41-1528 
 QTY 4   5mm Hex Bearing Block   REV-41-1683 
 QTY 1   8mm x 12mm x 3.5mm Flanged Bearing - 10 Pack