FTC Cable Bundle


The FTC Cable Bundle offers a plethora of major cables and other accessories for a variety of robot design needs, without having to sacrifice wiring best practices. Necessary cables, like the XT30 Extension Cable, come in two different sizes to meet any potential design needs. The bundle also includes joiner boards, cable clips, and zip ties to help keep wires clean and provide strain relief. Use this bundle to restock your existing wire and cable supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

Kit Contents

 QTY 2   36" PWM Cable - 4 Pack   REV-11-1130 
 QTY 1   PWM Cable Clip - 10 Pack   REV-11-1229 
 QTY 2   Resistive Grounding Strap 
 QTY 1   Sensor Splitter Cable - 2 Pack   REV-31-1386 
 QTY 1   Switch Cable and Bracket   REV-31-1387 
 QTY 2   JST PH 4-pin Joiner Board - 4 Pack   REV-31-1388 
 QTY 1   XT30 Extension Cable, 30cm - 2 Pack   REV-31-1392 
 QTY 2   XT30 Extension Cable, 50cm - 2 Pack   REV-31-1394 
 QTY 2   JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable, 50cm - 4 Pack   REV-31-1408 
 QTY 1   JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable, 100cm - 4 Pack   REV-31-1409 
 QTY 2   JST VH 2-pin Motor Cable - 4 Pack   REV-31-1413 
 QTY 2   JST PH 3-pin Communication Cable, 50cm - 2 Pack   REV-31-1418 
 QTY 2   JST VH 2-pin Joiner Board - 4 Pack   REV-31-1429 
 QTY 1   JST VH 2-pin Motor Cable, 100cm - 4 Pack   REV-31-1526 
 QTY 1   JST PH 3-pin Communication Cable, 100cm - 2 Pack   REV-31-1565 
 QTY 1   Zip Ties, Black, 160mm - 50 Pack   REV-41-1161