DUO Control Bundle


The DUO Control Bundle offers basic FTC-legal control system components to get an existing robot up and running.

Pair this bundle with the DUO EDU Mechanical Kit (REV-45-2708) to get started with our all-new curriculum, Intro to Robotics I (REV-77-2707), an easily adaptable and ready-to-teach course for the classroom, after-school programs, or summer camps! It is designed to align with national standards including ISTE, ITEEA, CSTA, and NGSS, as well as TEKS, the Texas state standard. The Intro to Robotics I course is intended for use in high school classrooms by 9th-12th grade students (and adaptable for grades 6th-8th).

Go from the classroom to competition with the EDU Kit V2 to Starter Kit V3 Upgrade (REV-45-2042). This upgrade bundle bridges the gap between the DUO EDU Mechanical Kit (REV-45-2708) + DUO Control Bundle (REV-35-2709) combination and the FTC Starter Kit V3 (REV-45-1883), providing the needed equipment to transition from classroom to competing at FIRST Tech Challenge events.

Kit Contents

 REV-31-1387   Switch Cable and Bracket   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-31-1595   Control Hub   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-31-1596   Driver Hub   QTY 1   QTY 1 
 REV-39-1865   Etpark Wired Controller for PS4   QTY 1   QTY 1