DUO Flap Wheels


DUO Flap Wheels are compatible with the REV DUO System and feature a 5mm Hex Bore. They are used on intakes to pick up irregular gamepieces, playing a similar role to compliant wheels. While compliant wheels provide compliance with minimal slip between the wheel and the gamepiece, the DUO Flap Wheels are strategically designed to allow necessary slip between the intake and the gamepiece, catering to diverse situations and gamepiece variations.

What sets this design apart is its versatility – a "one side fits all" solution, as it can be cut to size with scissors as needed. This adaptability ensures a customized fit for your specific needs.


  • Marks for cutting flaps to length with scissors


  • Material: Polypropylene & TPR
  • Durometer: Varies (see table below)
  • Weight: 9.07g (0.03lb)
 Soft like a rubber band  Light Gray  30A
 Medium like a pencil eraser  Dark Gray  40A
 Hard like a tire tread  Black  60A


Product Options

 REV-41-2701-PK4   Flap Wheel - 5mm Hex Bore - Soft (Light Gray) - 4 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING
 REV-41-2702-PK4   Flap Wheel - 5mm Hex Bore - Medium (Dark Gray) - 4 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING
 REV-41-2703-PK4   Flap Wheel - 5mm Hex Bore - Hard (Black) - 4 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING