DUO Traction Wheels


DUO Traction Wheels are compatible with the REV DUO System and fit on a 5mm hex shaft. The hex shaft interface completely eliminates the need for expensive hubs or using potentially unreliable set screws. DUO Traction Wheels 60mm in diameter and larger have a hole pattern on an 8mm pitch enabling easy mounting directly to DUO Extrusion, DUO Brackets, and other 8mm pitch systems. All DUO motion products have a uniform 15mm width to make quick design swaps fast and easy.


  • Hub Material: Nylon (PA66)
  • Tread Material: TPU
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Hole Diameter: M3 clearance
  • Hole Spacing: 8mm
  • Weight (single wheel):
    • 30mm Traction Wheel: 7g (0.24oz)
    • 60mm Traction Wheel: 24g (0.84oz)
    • 90mm Traction Wheel: 53.5g (1.88oz)


Product Options

 REV-41-1353-PK4   30mm Traction Wheel - 4 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE
 REV-41-1350-PK4   60mm Traction Wheel - 4 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE
 REV-41-1354-PK2   90mm Traction Wheel - 2 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE