MAXSwerve Spare Parts


These spare parts are designed specifically to self service and maintain your MAXSwerve Module. Created for efficient repairs and upkeep, routinely servicing your MAXSwerve Module with spare parts will enhance performance and condition.

Product Options *the following items may or may not be included based on your product selection

(REV-21-2999) 3in MAXSwerve Module Bearing Pack:

   12mm x 18mm x 4mm Bearing   QTY 2 
   10mm x 19mm x 5mm Bearing   QTY 1 
   8mm x 16mm x 5mm Bearing   QTY 1 
   10mm x 22mm x 6mm Bearing   QTY 2 
   6mm x 10mm x 3mm Bearing   QTY 2 
   60mm x 78mm x 10mm Bearing   QTY 1 

(REV-21-3000) 3in MAXSwerve Module Hardware Pack:

 REV-29-2941   Button Head Hex Drive Screws #10-32 x3/8in   QTY 7 
 REV-29-2943   Button Head Hex Drive Screws #10-32 x1/2in   QTY 2 
 REV-29-2951   Button Head Hex Drive Screws #10-32 x1in   QTY 6 
 REV-29-2930   Socket Head Screws #10-32 x2in   QTY 4 
 REV-29-2922   Socket Head Screws #10-32 x1in   QTY 4 
 REV-41-2973   M3 x 60mm Socket Head Cap Screw   QTY 4 
 REV-41-2974   M3 x 25mm Socket Head Cap Screw   QTY 2 
 REV-29-1016   #10-32 Low Profile Nylon Lock Nut   QTY 3 

(REV-21-3001) 3in MAXSwerve Module Spacer Pack:

 REV-21-3005-P14   3in Swerve Module - Structural Spacer   QTY 3 
 REV-21-3005-P19   3in Swerve Module - Wheel Spacer   QTY 2 


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