EDU Kit V2


With over 180 parts, the EDU Kit V2 is specifically created to implement hands-on STEM projects in the classroom. This robotics kit is used to teach a variety of lessons ranging from computer programming and engineering principles to project management. The REV EDU Kit is the result of over 50 years of experience with competitive robotics with feedback from educators across the world. Use this with your existing curriculum or pair the kit with build guides from REV. This is the same kit that is part of the new FIRST Class Pack Curriculum. For more information about curriculum options please visit: 

Go from the classroom to competition with the EDU Kit V2 to Starter Kit V3 Upgrade. This upgrade bundle bridges the gap between the new EDU Kit V2 and the Starter Kit V3, providing the needed equipment to transition from classroom to competing at FIRST Tech Challenge events.

Kit Overview

  • Now including the UltraPlanetary Gearbox Kit & HD Hex Motor!
  • Full Control System to get your robot up and running
  • Everything needed to build the REV Class Bot
  • Adaptable programming platform to meet the needs of your classroom
  • REV build guides to develop students STEM skills in a collaborative environment

Kit Contents *certain kits may receive additional components

Control System & Sensors: (not included in the FTC Starter Kit V3)

   Gamepad  QTY 1  
 REV-31-1596  Driver Hub  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1387  Switch Cable and Bracket  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1408  JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable, 50cm  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-31-1413  JST VH 2-pin Motor Cable, 50cm  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-31-1425  Touch Sensor  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1557  Color Sensor V3  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1595  Control Hub  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1807  USB Female A to Micro USB Adapter  QTY 1  QTY 1

Build System:

 REV-41-1373  Hook and Loop Fastener, 13.5mm x 2m (not included in FTC Starter Kit V3)  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1568  15mm Extrusion - 120mm - 90° Ends (not included in FTC Starter Kit V3)  QTY 6  QTY 3
 REV-41-1624  UltraPlanetary Flat Mounting Bracket  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-11-1130  36" PWM Cable  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-31-1299  Battery Charger  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-31-1302  12V Slim Battery  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1097  Smart Robot Servo  QTY 2  QTY 2
 REV-41-1119  5.5mm Nut Driver  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1161  Zip Ties, Black, 160mm  QTY 50  QTY 1
 REV-41-1166  Battery Holder Plate  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1190  90mm Omni Wheel  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1300  Core Hex Motor  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1303  15mm Plastic Motion Bracket  QTY 8  QTY 1
 REV-41-1307  15mm Plastic 45 Degree Bracket  QTY 8  QTY 1
 REV-41-1311  15mm Plastic 120 Degree Bracket  QTY 6  QTY 1
 REV-41-1315  15mm Gearbox Motion Bracket  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1316  15mm Hex Pillow Block  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1317  15mm Bearing Pillow Block  QTY 16  QTY 2
 REV-41-1320  15mm Plastic Inside Corner Bracket  QTY 16  QTY 2
 REV-41-1323  15mm Spacer  QTY 12  QTY 1
 REV-41-1324  3mm Spacer  QTY 16  QTY 1
 REV-41-1326  Through Bore Bearing - Short  QTY 12  QTY 1
 REV-41-1327  Shaft Collars  QTY 20  QTY 2
 REV-41-1329  Through Bore Bearing - Long  QTY 12  QTY 1
 REV-41-1331  15 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 8  QTY 1
 REV-41-1333  125 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1334  45 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1335  60 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1336  72 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1337  90 Tooth Plastic Gear  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1347  5mm x 75mm Hex Shaft  QTY 8  QTY 2
 REV-41-1348  5mm x 90mm Hex Shaft  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1349  5mm x 135mm Hex Shaft  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1354  90mm Traction Wheel  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1359  M3 x 8mm Hex Cap Screws  QTY 200  QTY 2
 REV-41-1360  M3 x 16mm Hex Cap Screws  QTY 100  QTY 1
 REV-41-1361  M3 Nyloc Nuts  QTY 300  QTY 3
 REV-41-1364  Servo Gear Adapter  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1374  5.5mm Combination Wrench  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1430  15mm Extrusion - 150mm - 45° Ends  QTY 2  QTY 1
 REV-41-1431  15mm Extrusion - 225mm - 90° Ends  QTY 8  QTY 4
 REV-41-1432  15mm Extrusion - 420mm - 90° Ends  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1433  15mm Metal Bent Core Hex Motor Bracket V2  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1485  15mm Metal Bent Servo Bracket V2  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1600  UltraPlanetary Gearbox Kit & HD Hex Motor  QTY 2  QTY 2
 REV-41-1623  UltraPlanetary Bent Mounting Bracket  QTY 4  QTY 1
 REV-41-1828  Aluminum Servo Horn  QTY 2  QTY 2
 REV-41-1907  M3 X 8MM T-Slot Screw  QTY 25  QTY 1
 REV-45-1882  Allen Wrench Pack  QTY 1  QTY 1
 REV-41-1215  Storage Tote - Orange  QTY 1