U Channel Bundle

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The U Channel Bundle contains multiple lengths of 45mm U Channel and is designed to work seamlessly with existing REV 15mm Extrusion. The U Channel Endcap and Tensioning Bushing allows users to fine tune their system when designing and connecting additional components. Use this bundle to restock your existing U Channel supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team.  

Kit Contents

 QTY 4   U Channel Endcap   REV-41-1687 
 QTY 2   Tensioning Bushing - 39mm - 4 Pack   REV-41-1702 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 440mm   REV-41-1741 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 408mm 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 376mm   REV-41-1743 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 312mm 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 248mm   REV-41-1747 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 152mm   REV-41-1750 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 88mm   REV-41-1752 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 56mm   REV-41-1753 
 QTY 2   45mm U Channel - 24mm   REV-41-1755