SRS Programmer


The REV Robotics SRS Programmer is the key to unlocking all the smart features of the Smart Robot Servo (SRS – REV-41-1097).

Switching between continuous rotation, standard servo, and custom angular modes is easy as pressing a button. The SRS Programmer can not only program the SRS, but it is also acts as a standalone servo tester for any standard RC servo.

Features and Specifications

  • Programming modes
    • Continuous rotation
    • Angular limits
    • Reset to factory defaults
  • Test modes
    • Automatic sweep
    • Manual position/direction
  • Intuitive operation with LED feedback
  • Maximum output pulse range: 550μs – 2450μs
  • Size: 70.5mm x 64.5mm x 35.5mm
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)

Kit Contents

  • QTY 1 - REV SRS Programmer