15mm Extrusion - 1m - 90° Ends


For smaller applications the DUO Build System also comes in a 15mm x 15mm square extrusion. The 15mm profile of the 15mm Extrusion has slots on on all four sides that accept standard M3 hardware. Rather than using a T-nut, which is more expensive, slide a M3 hex head screw along the slot and adjust brackets and other build materials as needed.

The flexibility of the 15mm Extrusion makes it a great option for arms, lifts, and other robot manipulators and mechanisms. This is one of the most compact structure pieces and allows for compact designs. Depending on the design and use case, you may wish to add additional supports to avoid twisting under high loads, also known as torsion.


  • All holes can be tapped with an M3 tap
  • Slots are compatible with standard M3 hex nuts and M3 hex-head cap screws as studs


  • Material: 6063-T5 aluminum, clear anodized
  • Height: 15mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Length: 1m



  • REV Robotics has two different size extrusions and the plates and brackets for each one are not directly compatible. Please be sure that you are buying the right bracket for the correct system when purchasing. The systems will either be marked 15mm for the REV DUO System or 1in for the REV ION System.

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