C Channel Bundle


The C Channel Bundle contains various lengths of 45mm x 15mm C Channel and is designed to work seamlessly with existing REV 15mm Extrusion. They can be used in locations where additional torsional strength is required. The 45mm wide side of the channel features the Extended Motion Pattern which uses M3 hardware for attaching brackets, extrusion, and channel together. Locations for mounting bearings, shafts, motors, and servos are available every 16mm. Slots on the 15mm sections of the channel accept standard M3 hex-head bolts or nuts, rather than expensive t-nuts. Use this bundle to restock your existing C Channel supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

Kit Contents

 QTY 4   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 440mm   REV-41-1761 
 QTY 4   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 408mm   REV-41-1762 
 QTY 2   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 376mm   REV-41-1763 
 QTY 2   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 312mm   REV-41-1765 
 QTY 2   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 248mm   REV-41-1767 
 QTY 2   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 152mm   REV-41-1770 
 QTY 2   45mm x 15mm C Channel - 88mm   REV-41-1772