Servo Bundle


The Servo Bundle is a one stop shop for getting up and running with the REV Smart Robot Servo. Included in this bundle are all the major electronic and structural accessories for programming, powering, and building using the Smart Robot Servo. Use this bundle to restock your existing Servo and Servo Accessory supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

Kit Contents

 QTY 1   36" PWM Cable - 4 Pack   REV-11-1130 
 QTY 1   Servo Power Module 
 QTY 1   PWM Cable Clip - 10 Pack 
 QTY 1   SRS Programmer 
 QTY 4   Smart Robot Servo 
 QTY 2   Replacement Gear Set for Smart Robot Servo 
 QTY 1   15mm Plastic Servo Bracket - 2 Pack 
 QTY 1   Servo Shaft Adapter - 4 Pack 
 QTY 2   Aluminum Servo Horn V2
 QTY 1   Servo Gear Adapter - 4 Pack 
 QTY 1   15mm Metal Offset Servo Bracket V2 - 4 Pack   REV-41-1475 
 QTY 1   15mm Metal Flat Servo Bracket V2 - 4 Pack 
 QTY 1   15mm Metal Bent Servo Bracket V2 - 4 Pack   REV-41-1485 
 QTY 2   Aluminum Servo Shaft Adapter   REV-41-1558 
 QTY 2   Aluminum Double Servo Arm