MAX 90 Degree Gearbox

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

Designed for use with the REV ION System and with an efficient right-angle configuration, the MAX 90 Degree Gearbox offers a robust and high-performance solution to building a more compact robot. Connect the MAX 90 Degree Gearbox to the MAXPlanetary System in a 90-degree orientation for maximum flexibility and ease of use in tight spaces. The through bore design of the gearbox allows for easy mounting and integration into a wide range of applications. Its 90-degree output orientation provides a compact and efficient way to transmit power and torque at right-angle configurations.


  • Compatible with MAX Pattern
  • All metal construction
  • Socket 1/2in hex input
  • Through bore 1/2in hex output


  • Materials:
    • Body: Aluminum 6061
    • Gears, Shafts, & Adapter: Steel
  • Weight:
    • Gearbox: 312.5g (0.69lb)
    • Adapter: 15.0g (0.03lb)

Load Ratings

  • Gearbox ultimate strength - Failure at 180 NM +/- 5% 

Kit Contents

 REV-21-2120-P01   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Output Shaft   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2120-P02   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Output Shaft Bevel Gear  QTY 1 
 REV-21-2120-P03   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Input Shaft   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2120-P04   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Side Plate   QTY 2 
 REV-21-2120-P05   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Bottom Plate   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2120-P06   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Middle Plate   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2120-P07   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Standoff   QTY 2 
 MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Bearing Pack   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2126   MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Hardware Pack   QTY 1 
 MAXPlanetary Spline to 1/2in Hex Adapter   QTY 1 


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