NEO Pinions


The NEO Pinions are used for transferring power from a NEO Brushless Motor to a mechanism. These pinions come in three different types; either gear, sprocket, or pulley. The pinion gears are compatible with 20DP gears. The pinion sprocket is used with #25 chain and the pinion pulley is used with GT2 3mm timing belts. These pinions are compatible with other 8mm round shafts with a 2mm keyway.

The 10, 11, and 12 Tooth Pinion Gears have the same pitch diameter of 0.600in, meaning that they can be swapped for each other in an existing design to easily change a gear ratio without any center to center distances changing. The 13 and 14 Tooth Pinion Gears also share the same pitch diameter of 0.700in.


  • Pinion Gears
    • Diametral Pitch: 20
    • Pressure Angle: 14.5 degrees
    • Material: Steel
    • Thickness: 19.1mm (0.75in)
    • Bore Diameter: 8mm (2mm Keyway)
    • Tooth Count: 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 (varies based on gear selection)
    • Pitch Diameter for 10, 11, 12 Tooth Pinions: 0.600in
    • Pitch Diameter for 13 and 14 Tooth Pinions: 0.700in
  • Pinion Sprocket
    • Chain Size: #25
    • Material: Steel
    • Thickness: 12.7mm (0.50in)
    • Bore Diameter: 8mm (2mm Keyway)
    • Tooth Count: 10
  • Pinion Pulley
    • Pitch Profile: 3mm GT2
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Thickness: 25.4mm (1.00in)
    • Bore Diameter: 8mm (2mm Keyway)
    • Tooth Count: 16

Kit Contents

  • Each Pinion Gear, Pinion Sprocket, or Pinion Pulley includes 4 (four) Retaining Clips and 2 (two) 2mm Keystocks


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