550 Motor Pinions


The 550 Motor Pinions are used for transferring power from a 550 class motor, like the HD Hex Motor or NEO 550, to a mechanism. These pinions come in three different types. The 32DP pinion gear is compatible with 32DP gears. The UltraPlanetary Pinion is used with UltraPlanetary Gearbox System and the GT2 3mm Pinion is used with GT2 timing belts. The pinions are press fit onto the 0.125” motor output shaft. Using a small drop of retaining compound, such as Loctite 609, ensures a snug fit.


  • GT2 3mm 550 Motor Pinion Pulley
    • Pitch Profile: 3mm GT2
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Thickness: 15.9mm (0.63in)
    • Hole Diameter: 0.125" press fit
  • 32DP 550 Motor Pinion Gear
    • Diametral Pitch: 32 (0.8MOD)
    • Pressure Angle: 20°
    • Material: Machined Brass
    • Thickness: 7.0mm (0.28in)
    • Hole Diameter: 0.125" press fit
  • UltraPlanetary 550 Motor Pinion Gear
    • Material: Steel
    • Thickness: 6.0mm (0.24in)
    • Hole Diameter: 0.125" press fit



  • 01/2022: NEO 550 Brushless Motors, with date code 202109, may have an undersized shaft which causes press-fit components to be a slip fit on the shaft. We're recommending the components be retained with Loctite 635, 638 ("green loctite") or an equivalent "retaining compound". If neither of these are available, Loctite 680 is also an acceptable alternative.