45mm x 15mm C Channel - 248mm


REV 45mm x 15mm C Channel has a 45mm x 15mm rectangular profile, and is designed to work seamlessly with existing REV 15mm Extrusion. It can be used in locations where additional torsional strength is required. The 45mm wide side of the channel features the Extended Motion Pattern which uses M3 hardware for attaching brackets, extrusion, and channel together. Locations for mounting bearings, shafts, motors, and servos are available every 16mm. Slots on the 15mm sections of the channel accept standard M3 hex-head bolts or nuts, rather than expensive t-nuts.


  • Extended Motion Pattern allows for easy connecting of structure, gears, sprockets, and motors
  • All mounting holes fit M3 Hardware
  • Uses 9mm Plastic Bushings or Metal Bearing Mount for rotary motion
  • Slots are compatible with standard M3 hex nuts and M3 hex-head cap screws as studs


  • Material: 6063 aluminum
  • Height: 45mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Length: 248mm


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