UltraPlanetary Female 5mm Hex Output V2

The REV UltraPlanetary Female 5mm Output V2 is the output stage of the REV UltraPlanetary system. With two different ways to transfer power, the output stage allows designers to choose the option best suited for the application. The V2 version of the REV UltraPlanetary Female 5mm Output offers more flexibility for custom designs by making modifications to the output block. 
The REV Motion Pattern, combined with the ball bearing supports, allows for directly attaching sprockets, gears, pulleys, structure, and wheels. Designers also have a female 5mm hex output allowing for the length of shaft needed for the application. 


  • Module: 0.55
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • Materials: Sintered Steel, Glass Fiber Reinforced PA66 Nylon
  • Weight: 66.5 g (0.147 lbs)


CAD & Drawings

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