Color Sensor V2


This product is no longer in production and is only available as long as supplies last. This product has been replaced with Color Sensor V3 (REV-31-1557).

Version 3 of the REV Color Sensor introduces a new sensor chip by Broadcom due to the end of life of the V1/V2 sensor. Physical form factor is the same as V2, however there are some minor changes to the FTC SDK. Be sure to update to the latest SDK and configure your robot to use the "REV Color / Range Sensor V3". Color values will not be consistent between V2 and V3 sensors.

The V2 Sensor is still fully supported in the FTC SDK, but is not supported in REVlibs for FRC. 

This sensor can be used to read and compare colors, and also has a built-in IR (optical) Proximity Sensor and white LED for active target lighting. Supports High Speed I2C Communication (400kHz) as well as auto increment register read which allows the user to return all the color register and status register data in one read command instead of 4 separate read commands.


  • Redesigned case
    • Better mounting
    • Wider field of view
    • Better sensor protection
  • Built-in white LED
    • LED power is switchable with new built-in switch
  • Supports Standard (100kHz) or High Speed (400kHz) I2C
  • Built-in IR Proximity Emitter and Detector


  • Max Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Sensor Type: I2C
  • I2C Address: 0x39
  • Color Sensor Part: TMD37821
  • Measurement channels: Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, and Proximity
  • Proximity Sensor Range: 5cm - 25cm
  • Mounting Holes: 2 x M3 Holes on a 32mm pitch
  • Dimensions: 41.7mm x 17mm x 15mm

Kit Contents

  • QTY 1 - Color Sensor V2
  • QTY 1 - Cable, 4-pin JST PH, 30cm 



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