DUO L Beams


DUO L Beams are compatible with the REV DUO System and are a structural element for small load applications or as a supporting component on a larger load application. They are compact, lightweight, and provide more strength than a flat beam. Use them to create a corner between plates, attach channel to extrusion, or for fastening your own creations.


  • Material: 6063-T6 Aluminum
  • Width: 11.5mm
  • Height: 11.5mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Length: Varies Based on Product Selection (see table below)
  • Hole Pattern Spacing: 8mm
  • 3mm Screw Clearance Hole Size: 3.4mm


Product Options

 REV-41-1709-PK2    L Beam - 24mm - 2 Pack 
 REV-41-1708-PK2    L Beam - 40mm - 2 Pack 
  L Beam - 88mm - 2 Pack 
 REV-41-1706-PK2    L Beam - 152mm - 2 Pack 
  L Beam - 264mm - 2 Pack 
 REV-41-1704-PK2    L Beam - 408mm - 2 Pack 
  L Beam - 504mm - 2 Pack 

CAD & Drawings

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