15mm Plastic Brackets


15mm Plastic Brackets are compatible with the REV DUO System. Each bracket includes a set of alignment ribs designed to seat the bracket into the extrusion channel increasing joint alignment, strength, and rigidity.

The 15mm Plastic Variable Angle Bracket (REV-41-1318) has a larger arced channel allowing two pieces of extrusion to be adjusted to any angle. The smaller arced indentation is a drill alignment mark so once the angle is set, an additional bolt can be added to lock the bracket angle in place.


  • Material: Nylon (PA66)
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Hole Diameter: M3 clearance
  • Hole Grid Spacing: 8mm


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Product Options

 REV-41-1308-PK8   15mm Plastic 30 Degree Bracket - 8 Pack 
 REV-41-1307-PK8   15mm Plastic 45 Degree Bracket - 8 Pack 
 REV-41-1306-PK8   15mm Plastic 60 Degree Bracket - 8 Pack 
 REV-41-1305-PK8   15mm Plastic 90 Degree Bracket - 8 Pack 
 REV-41-1311-PK6   15mm Plastic 120 Degree Bracket - 6 Pack 
 REV-41-1310-PK8   15mm Plastic 135 Degree Bracket - 8 Pack 
 REV-41-1312-PK6   15mm Plastic 150 Degree Bracket - 6 Pack 
 REV-41-1318-PK4   15mm Plastic Variable Angle Bracket - 4 Pack 

CAD & Drawings

  • REV-41-1308 15mm Plastic 30 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1307 15mm Plastic 45 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1306 15mm Plastic 60 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1305 15mm Plastic 90 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1311 15mm Plastic 120 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1310 15mm Plastic 135 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1312 15mm Plastic 150 Degree Bracket

  • REV-41-1318 15mm Plastic Variable Angle Bracket