SPARK MAX Motor Controller

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SPARK MAX is the newest member of the SPARK Motor Controller family. Building on the robust foundation of the original, SPARK MAX incorporates advanced brushed and brushless DC motor control in a small and easy-to-use package with PWM, CAN, and USB connectivity.

Never before has an FRC motor controller featured a built-in USB interface for configuration and control. Users can test prototypes and tune parameters without needing the full control system. SPARK MAX is a true all-in-one controller that will push the envelope for teams.

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  • Brushed and sensored-brushless motor control
  • PWM, CAN, and USB control interfaces
  • USB configuration and control
    • USB type C connector
    • Rapid configuration with a PC
    • Save/load configurations
    • Realistic prototyping using the actual control parameters
  • Smart control modes
    • Closed-loop control
    • Follower mode
  • Data port
    • Analog input
    • Limit switch input
    • Quadrature encoder input with index
  • Brushless DC sensor connector
    • 3-phase hall sensors
    • Motor temperature sensor


  • Input Voltage (nominal): 12V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V - 30V
  • Continuous Current: 60A
  • Peak Current (2 second surge): 100A
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 35mm x 24mm (2.756" x 1.378" x 0.945")
  • Weight: 0.24lbs (108.6g)

Kit Contents

1 - SPARK MAX Motor Controller
1 - USB-A male to USB-C cable
1 - 4-pin JST to CAN cable
1 - 4-pin JST to single PWM cable
1 - Cable Retention clip
1 - Port Saver cap