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Lift Kits

The REV 1" Linear motion system is a proven flexible system for reaching heights easily with your robot. In previous years, we had pre-bundled Lift kits of different types, but are now offering a single flexible kit that can be added to with all of the individual parts and components in a single listing (below).  


Your team can use the Lift Kit Guide (pdf) to help your team as a step by step process of how to use these parts and adjust them to your design. 

The system uses the proven camming V-Bearing system to ensure there is smooth and bind-free motion at all times. Teams can use a motor and gearbox solution that meets their particular needs.

As designed, the Kit is capable of reliable powered up and down motion.


The main Lift Kit has a maximum extension of 84" with an overall delta of 36".
For more extension, you can add additional lift kits.