5mm Hex Shaft & Spacer Bundle

Maximum Purchase:
50 units

The 5mm Hex Shaft and Spacer Bundle features an assortment of REV products that work to transmit intended motion and constrain unintended motion in the REV 15mm Build System. Use this bundle to restock your existing shaft and spacer supply, or as a great starting point for a new FTC team. 

Kit Contents

 QTY 2   15mm Spacer - 12 Pack   REV-41-1323 
 QTY 2   3mm Spacer - 16 Pack   REV-41-1324 
 QTY 2   1.5mm Spacers - 28 Pack   REV-41-1325 
 QTY 2   5mm x 75mm Hex Shaft - 4 Pack   REV-41-1347 
 QTY 2   5mm x 90mm Hex Shaft - 4 Pack   REV-41-1348 
 QTY 4   5mm x 135mm Hex Shaft - 4 Pack   REV-41-1349 
 QTY 2   5mm x 400mm Hex Shaft - 4 Pack   REV-41-1362 
 QTY 2   Slim Shaft Collar - 10 Pack   REV-41-1629 


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