5mm Hex Spacers


5mm Hex Spacers are compatible with the REV DUO System and accurate way to space gears, sprockets, wheels, and other parts along a 5mm hex shaft. Mix and match various spacer lengths to adjust spacing in increments as small as 1.5mm.


  • Material: Acetal (Delrin/POM)
  • Length: Varies Based on Product Selection (see table below)
  • OD: 8mm
  • ID: 5mm Hex

Product Options

 REV-41-1325-PK28   1.5mm Spacers - 28 Pack 
 REV-41-1324-PK16   3mm Spacer - 16 Pack 
 REV-41-1323-PK12  15mm Spacer - 12 Pack 


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CAD & Drawings

  •  REV-41-1325 1.5mm Spacers - 28 Pack

  •  REV-41-1324 3mm Spacers - 28 Pack

  •  REV-41-1323 15mm Spacers - 28 Pack