Punch Tube - 1m


The REV Punch Tube is designed to enable teams to rapidly prototype ideas and build robots without some of the constraints generally associated with extrusion based construction. When paired with our Metric Step Drill (REV-49-1455) and 1/8in or 3.2mm pop-rivets, the Punch Tube is fast to build with as well as being extremely robust.

Two of the four sides feature a slot that is compatible with the alignment ribs on our 15mm Plastic Brackets. All four sides feature a groove down the center that can be used in conjunction with a bracket as a drill guide. Each of the four corner holes can be tapped to an M3 thread.


  • Material: 6063-T5 aluminum, clear anodized
  • Height: 15mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Length: 1m


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