Elevator Bearing Block


The Elevator Bearing Block is used to assemble a mechanism, allowing two pieces of rectangular tubing to slide in relation to each other in a linear motion. This bearing block is designed to mount to the narrow side of rectangular tubing with a narrow-side dimension of 1 inch (e.g. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 tubing) and will work with a variety of tubing dimensions.

Assembly required. 8 linear motion blocks are required for each stage of a typical elevator. 


  • Shielded ball bearings provide support in the lateral and thrust axes
  • Aluminum blocks are notched to self-locate on the side of rectangular tubing
  • Individual bearings support the lateral and thrust axes for further reduced friction
  • Aluminum blocks on either side of the tubing support the bearings for easier assembly

Kit Contents

REV-25-2285 Elevator Bearing Block - 2 Pack

 REV-20-2051   Elevator Bearing Block   2 

REV-25-2050 Elevator Bearing Block - 8 Pack

 REV-20-2051   Elevator Bearing Block   8 


  • Mounting holes: 0.196 for use with #10 fasteners or 3/16 inch rivets