Tech + Tool Tip Thursday: Chain Tips and Tricks

Tech + Tool Tip Thursday: Chain Tips and Tricks

Aug 24th 2023

Sprockets and chain are ideal for transmitting motion over long distances. A chain consists of a continuous set of links that ride on the sprockets to transmit motion. The REV DUO Build System is designed around #25 chain using compatible #25 sprockets. The diagram details the anatomy of a chain.

It is important to have proper chain tension when using sprockets and chain. The loop of chain must be the correct length, or have outside support, to maintain this tension.

Creating a loop of chain requires breaking off the correct number of links and joining the ends together. Chain can be broken using the Chain Tool and joined using the Master Links included in this kit. The diagram below shows how a Master Link is assembled to replace an outer link. Instead of using a Master Link, the Chain Tool can also be used for a stronger, but more difficult joining method. For instructions on how to break and reassemble chain, check out these helpful links: