FTC Guided Experience: STRUCTURE

Depending on what your team's robot is designed to accomplish, multiple parts may be required. Unsure of where to begin? Let's start with STRUCTURE, the framework to which all other robot parts are attached. The REV FTC Starter Kit, which provides over 1400 parts, is a great way to start building the mechanisms of an FTC robot that is ready to drive. 

The REV 15mm Building System is an affordable robotics build platform that is most commonly used within the FIRST Tech Challenge and in the classroom for educational purposes. The system has two major structural components, Extrusion and Channel. REV Extrusion is a rectangular structure rail with slots for M3 hardware on all four sides. REV Channel is a larger structural member featuring the Extended Motion Pattern for actuators, brackets, and other elements to be placed at set intervals.




  • Slots allow for brackets to be placed anywhere
  • Adjust design with ease

  • Smaller profile and less weight than Channel

  • Good for arms, lifts, manipulators, linear motion, and mechanisms

  • Accepts standard M3 hex head screws





  • Extended Motion Pattern
    • Fixed pattern of mounting holes
    • Locations for mounting structure, gears, sprockets, bearing, shafts, motors, and servos available every 16mm

  • Heavier and more rigid than Extrusion

  • Good for building drivetrains

  • Accepts standard M3 hex head screws