3/16in Rivets


3/16in Rivets are compatible with the REV ION System are perfect for a variety of applications where a strong, permanent joint is required. Place the rivet into a hole from a single side (a “blind” hole) and then use a rivet gun to expand the end of the rivet to create a secure and permanent hold. The rivets function similar to a bolt in that it aligns and holds parts together through a common hole. The rivet can be removed by drilling it out.


  • Compatible with REV ION structure
  • Interchangeable with #10 bolts & nuts


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Grip Lengths:
    • 0.126-0.250in (3.20-6.35mm)
    • 0.251-0.375in (6.38-9.53mm)


Product Options

 REV-29-2971-PK100   3/16in Rivet - 0.126-0.250in Grip Length - 100 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING
 REV-29-2972-PK100   3/16in Rivet - 0.251-0.375in Grip Length - 100 Pack   STEP FILE ONSHAPE DRAWING