Dual Bearing Plate

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This dual bearing plate holds two V-Groove Bearings (REV-29-1014) to create an easy linear motion system for the REV Building System 1″ extrusion (REV-21-1000). Using a combination of Concentric (REV-21-1030) and Eccentric (REV-21-1029) bushings, the user can adjust how tight or loose they would like to tune their linear motion system.

This plate can also be used in conjunction with regular 3/8 bearings for building linear motion systems utilizing standard 1″x 2″ tubing.


  • Material:6061 Aluminum
  • Length: 2.75″
  • Width: 1.25″
  • Bearing hole diameter: 0.25″
  • Countersunk 0.2″ mounting holes (#10 hardware)



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