USB Retention Mount and Cable


Reduce the number of USB disconnects between the Expansion Hub and your Robot Controller Phone with our USB Retention Mount. When used with the included right-angle USB cable, this mount provides a strong, reliable connection between the cable and the hub. The mount consists of a base that remains attached to the hub, and a cap that screws into that base allowing for removal of the USB connector on your own terms. Fast and easy installation instructions are included with the kit.

Kit Contents

QTY 1 - Custom Right-Angle Male Mini USB to Male USB-A cable, 457mm
QTY 1 - Retention Mount Base Plate (attaches directly to Expansion Hub)
QTY 1 - Retention Cable Cap (covers Mini USB end of cable)
QTY 2 - VHB adhesive pad (used to attach Retention Mount to Expansion Hub)
QTY 2 - M3 x 12mm Hex Cap Screws
QTY 2 - M3 Nyloc Nuts
QTY 1 - Case Safety Alignment sticker
QTY 1 - Cleaning Wipe
QTY 1 - Installation Instructions