High Strength Hex Hub - 2 Pack


Universal Hex Adapter (REV-41-1833) also available as an alternative. This part is a replacement for the discontinued Hex Hub Adapter (REV-41-1146).

Expand your team's building options without giving up the products that you already own. This sintered steel hub allows teams to use their existing wheels and gears with the improved reliability of a 5mm hex shaft. The High Strength Hex Hub has a number of new features which work better with the existing REV DUO product line as well as maintaining the ability to retrofit any of the "4-hole" mounting wheels you might already have from our friends at AndyMark or Tetrix.

Two pressed in pins set at 180 degrees and the countersunk surface allow the High Strength Hex Hub to slide into all of the REV DUO motion products like our wheels, sprockets, and gears and sit flush with the surface. A shaft collar or spacers can be used to keep the Hex Hub engaged. If using the High Strength Hex Hub with existing 4-hole pattern products, the pins line up with two of the hole, and then M3 Hex Cap Screws can be inserted from the back side to keep the hub attached. 


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